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Controlled Force Means Better Outcomes

Human and animal tissues range from relatively soft skin to tougher muscle to hard bones. Diagnostic and medication delivery devices such as needles and lancets each require different forces to penetrate or access each of these tissues. Actuated Medical technology vibrates the sharp at an ideal frequency with sophisticated monitoring and closed–loop control. This allows controlled, low–force insertion of these sharps resulting in:

  • Reduced force and greater control while maintaining tactile sensations.

  • Minimized patient discomfort and stress.

  • Faster needle placement.

Incorporating this technology makes it easier to teach procedures and may allow less experienced clinicians to perform insertions.


GentleSharp is designed for pre-clinical veterinary and
laboratory research applications. It uses low–frequency
micro–vibrations to help needles glide more smoothly into
tissue. This requires less force, thereby reducing stress
during blood sampling procedures.

From a research perspective, key advantages of using
GentleSharp include:

  • Lower and less variability of stress hormone level
    over repeat sampling.

  • Less risk of vasoconstriction in subjects.

  • Reduced number of subjects necessary for longitudinal

  • More humane blood sampling procedure.
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Compatible with standard hypodermic needles, GentleSharp is available throughout the world for pre-clinical veterinary and laboratory research applications only. Please visit, email or call +1 814–355–0003 x117 for pricing and purchase information.

Future Products

There are a wide variety of applications for Actuated Medical's controlled tissue penetration technology. Current projects include:

  • Smooth Insertion Spinal Needle – a system designed to enhance 27 gauge needle entry for regional anesthesia.

  • Low Insertion Force Epidural (LIFE) – a system designed to provide more controlled epidural needles entry for regional anesthesia.

  • Biopsy Force Reduction (BiFor) – a system designed to ease bone biopsy needle entry for compromised and difficult access patients.

For more information, please contact Actuated Medical's customer support at +1 814–355–0003 x117.


These works are/were partially supported by the National Institutes of Health: National Institute of General Medical Sciences SBIR grant Nos. GM085844 and GM100535; National Institute of Research Resources SBIR grant No. RR024943; National Cancer Institute SBIR grant No. CA139774; and National Institute on Aging SBIR grant No. AG037214. The views, opinions and/or findings contained in this work are those of Actuated Medical, Inc. and should not be construed as an official government position, policy or decision unless so designated by other documentation.

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