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Our Innovative Motion® devices solve clinical needs in different application areas; therefore, our products have variable exit strategies (e.g., acquisition, licensing).

+ The TubeClear® System

Restore patency of feeding tubes in the patient using electronically-controlled motion to clear clogs.


+ The BleedClear™ System

Increase endoscopic visibility by removing clots quickly through actuated aspiration.


+ The OsteoAccess™ System

Reduce force and improve cortical bone access for bone marrow biopsy and aspiration procedures with controlled motion.


+ The GentleDispense™ System

Improve transdermal delivery of large molecule compounds to patients with an actuated needle-free device.


+ The GentleSharp® System

Achieve higher volume of quality blood samples in pre-clinical procedures with vibrating needle technology for smooth penetration.


+ The NeuralGlider™ System

Reduce tissue dimpling to increase data collection with actuated insertion of electrical arrays in pre-clinical testing.


+ MRI Compatible Motors

Tools that allow operation of equipment in or near a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system such as our line of Direct Drive Piezoelectric (non-magnetic) Ultrasonic Motors.


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